I jus't installed the iChatPro WordPress Plugin, Where Do I Find It In WordPress?

The iChatPro WordPress plugin, once install is located in the "Setting Menu" on the "Dashboard" menu of yourWordpressinstallation. See image below.

Are There Any Up Upsells With iChatPro?

No, there are no upsells? You can try out the "Forever FREE" Lifetime account. When you need the upgrade, simply upgrade your account from within your members area. No pressure, no push.

Can I upgrade my plan later?

Yes. Upgrading is easy. Simply login to your admin dashboard with your username and password. Then, in your "Add/Renew Subscription" section, you will find a link to upgrade your account. Simply choose which plan you'd like to upgrade to at this point. NOTE: The Forever Free Plan has the following limitations: 1 operator, 40 chats, 15000 impressions and 30 offline emails(per month)

How do I install iChatPro on my website?

It’s simple, login to your dashboard toGet Your Chat Button (http://ichatpro.com/members/login.php),copy and paste a snippet of javascript code into your website’s HTML. Click on the "Admin Console Login URL" see photo below. You will be asked to login to your admin area of the iChatPro system. see photo below. Once you have logged in, on the left hand side of your admin's dashboard, click on "Integration > HTML code" and grab the type of HTML code that you desire to place on your web...

How Easy Is It To Get Started?

Getting started with iChatPro is super easy.Register (http://ichatpro.com/members/signup.php)for your FREE account. Login to your admin dashboard toGet Your Chat Button (http://ichatpro.com/members/login.php) Copy and Paste the HTML Chat button code on your website. Login to your operator consoles to answer chat queries, track visitors, invite visitors for chat, and much more.

Is The FREE Account Really Free?

Yes, absolutely! The“Forever Free Plan” (http://ichatpro.com/members/signup.php)is yours for as long as you want. The only limitations are you only get1 operator, 40 chats, 15000 impressions and 30 offline emails(per month)

Is there any software to install?

Absolutely not! The operator’s console is completely accessed through a web browser.

How Many Departments Can I Create?

You can create as many departments as you need, in other words you can create unlimited departments.

Can I Change The Chat Windows To Match My Website?

Absolutely you can! It’s easy. Simply login to your dashboard,visit the“Left Side Navigation Menu > Designs > Chat Widget Skin”. Using this option you able to set the colors of your embedded widget window to match the site colors of your website(s).

Where can I download the Firefox Desktop add-on?

Visit the following url to install the Firefox Desktop Notification add-on. https://addons.mozilla.org/en-us/firefox/addon/html-notifications/

Do You Have A Wordpress Plugin?

Absolutely! It’s a simple WordPress plugin but it works flawlessly.Once installed, activated and enabled, it will put the iChatPro Live Chat widget on all of your created pages. You can download the plugin byclicking here. (http://www.ichatpro.com/ichatpro.zip)

How Do I Enable The Plugin On My Website?

It’s easy! Follow These Simple 4 Steps.You can also view these step by stepinstructions here. (http://ichatpro.com/enable-wp-plugin/) Step One: Check This Box Step Two: Paste Your Generated Chat Code Here Step Three: Click The "Add iChatPro" Button Congratulations It's All Done! The iChatPro Chat widget will now show on all of yourWordpresspages and posts.

How to do spam IPs settings?

* Login as Admin into iChatPro Live Chat Software-> Click on "Settings> Spam IPs" on Top Navigation Bar. * Now type the IP address you want to be added as Spam IP and click on “Add Spam IP”. * Spam IPs will always see an OFFLINE status icon and will not be able to reach an operator, even if an operator is online. * Operators can also specify a spam IP during a chat session


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