What is a campaign password used for?

Campaign passwords are used to access tracking statistics for a given add tracking campaign. For administrators when creating your add campaigns, only enter a password if you want to give a third-party access to the campaign statistics page.You can give out the direct campaign statistics URL and the visitor will get prompted to enter the password to view the statistics. For users: To receive your password, you would need to contact the administrator who issued you the campaign tracking link.

How Do I Add Ad Tracking Campaigns?

Add New Campaign STEP 1: Create A Campaign Choose the “Add New Campaign” option under the campaigns menu. Follow the instructions to create your new campaign. When your campaign has been created, you will receive a confirmation message. You will be supplied with a tracking url, Where adcode is the adcode you filled out when creating your campaign. You can also shorten your tracking url, and/or protect your affiliate comissions (if you are adverti...

Where Can I Find The Users Guide?

You can view the full users guide on how to utilize all of AdTrackzPro's powerful features by visiting the url below: You can also view several training videos that we had created that covers the basics, tracking your optin conversions, creating cloaked links for your affiliate links and creating split-test campaigns. You can view the video training by going to the url below:

Are There Any Training Videos?

Yes, You can view several training videos on how to use the AdTrackzPro ad tracking script by visiting the following url:

How Easy Is It To Install The AdTrackzPro Script?

Installing the AdTrackzPro script is very easy to install. You can view the installing details which includes several videos by visiting the following url below: